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Reference Id3060
ManufacturerYE-i Machinery
ModelYDR-1002 Pelletizing Line (Reclaim System)
Year Manufactured1998
Specification Comments800mm dia. shredder/cutter driven by 75 HP motor with 15-stationary knives and 4-rotating knives
100mm single screw extruder, 30:1 L/D ratio, vented barrel, electrically heated, air cooled, driven by 100 HP motor and drive, 0-150 RPM screw speed range, over barrel mounted control panel, screen changer, die face cutter driven by 3 HP motor
vibratory water cooling unit aprox 2270mm x 640mm x 521mm with 3 HP water recirculation pump
2 HP centrifugal pellet dryer, blower take off to gaylord filling unit
Throughput rates estimated 360KG/hr HDPE, 380KG/hr LDPE

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