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  RefId Make Model Year
2966 DME
SSH-10-02 Smart Series
3799 DME
3801 DME
2641 Gammaflux
3800 IMS

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Hot Runner Controllers

Hot runner controllers are temperature controllers that are specialized to keep injection-mold components at the design temperature. This accomplishes the goal of keeping the plastic flowing.

Hot runner controllers use several different control techniques:

  • Limit control articulates set points that sends a signal from the hot runner control to stop or start
  • Linear control matches a variable input signal with a corresponding control signal
  • Feedforward control does not require a temperature sensor and provides direct control-compensation from the reference signal
  • Proportional, integral and derivative control requires real-time system feedback
  • PID control also monitors the error between the desired variable value and the actual value
  • Fuzzy logic is a hot runner temperature control technique in which variables can have imprecise values (as in partial truth) rather than a binary status (completely true or completely false)

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Hot runner controllers that use advanced or non-linear controls such as neural networking, adaptive gain, or emerging algorithms are also available.