Meadoworks offers financing from a host of lenders that specialize in the financing and leasing of industrial equipment and plastics equipment. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and commitment to customer service.

Types of programs we offer for purchasing industrial equipment:

  1. Operating Lease
    This program is designed for the customer that wishes to expense the total payment monthly. This is commonly known as "off balance sheet" financing. Terms range from 36-84 months with fixed rates well below the prime rate. Per IRS rules the purchase option must be at fair market value at the completion of the term, or you may return the plastics equipment or plastics machinery with no further obligation.
  2. Finance Lease
    This program is designed for the customer that would like to retain the tax benefits (depreciation) associated with the purchase of capital equipment. Terms range from 36-60 months and we currently offer a fixed rate based on prime rate. If you choose to purchase the plastics equipment at the end of the term, a fixed purchase option is available for 5-25% of the original cost of the equipment, or you may return it with no further obligation.
  3. Conditional Sales Contract
    Companies are offered finance contracts to give them the ability to own industrial machinery and plastics machinery without using their working capital to do so. Our Conditional Sales Contract can provide a fixed interest rate or a floating rate based on either treasury bills or the prime rate. Terms vary from 12-84 months, depending on your needs.
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