Asset Management Services for Corporate Manufacturers

Meadoworks offers a complete suite of services for our Corporate Accounts.

From small and mid-size firms to multinational global corporations, we tailor our services accordingly to meet your needs. After meeting with your company, viewing your equipment, and understanding your requirements, we will provide the best methods in the industry to fully assist you.


We provide a variety of asset-based and inventory appraisals, ranging from individual items to complete manufacturing facilities. Our appraisals may be used for asset impairment tests, asset transfers and valuations.

Retail Sales Channel:

We focus on key assets that have the greatest chance of earning high recovery dollars. We directly market to the end user of the equipment. Our technique offers sellers immediate liquidity. We are the only asset management company with this type of platform.

Online Auction Events:

We offer dedicated online events for our corporate clients to take advantage of their own built-in brand recognition. If needed, a member of our operations team will travel to the plant location, digitally photograph and professionally describe every item in a facility, and post this information to a dedicated micro site on Meadoworks website. Our marketing team will create a high impact campaign to showcase your assets to a worldwide audience.

We conduct featured online sales (internet-only) and webcast events (internet plus live audience) that allow purchasers worldwide to bid for your assets in an open, competitive marketplace.

Private Treaty Sales:

Certain assets, due to their unique nature, require additional exposure in the marketplace. These assets need to be handled differently from the more traditional model number/serial number assets within a facility. These unique assets may be few in production, have small installed bases, or have been used for industry-specific purposes. In these specialized cases, we assist corporations by selling such items through our Private Treaty Desk. Our experienced team does in-depth research, locates logical users, directly contacts potential buyers, and negotiates sales on our clients’ behalf.

Our method has proven successful over the past four decades and continues to be an important component of the total service we offer to our corporate accounts.

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