Molding Machinery requires plastic auxiliary equipment in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Plastic auxiliary equipment consists of several complimentary components such as chillers to cool molds or granulators that prepare resins for molding machinery. Below is a list of these components.

Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

  • Chillers
  • Conveyors
  • Dryers
  • Granulators
  • Hot Oil Units
  • Hot Oil Units and Low-watt Density Heaters
  • Hot Runner Controllers
  • Material Blenders
  • Robots
  • Spruce
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Water Cooling Towers
  • Water Temperature Controllers

Molding Machinery—Plastic Auxiliary Equipment


When cooling molds, meticulous temperature control is necessary. Chillers enable shorter process time conserving electricity. Convenient and moveable, compact chillers have low volume levels; include compressors and water pumps, and are fast cleaning. Industrial chillers increase molding machinery efficiency with built-in safety features indicating any problems and their causes.


Side molding machine placement, ability to be used with robots, and suitable for the assembly line, convenient adjustable conveyors influence efficiency for lengthened mold cooling periods. Conveyors are manufactured to be heat and oil resistant as well as resistant to static electricity.


Dryers are used to eliminate any moisture in resins and pellets that move through molding machinery. This ensures quality components and production. Dryers are fast-warming and temperature controlled.


Granulators are used in factories and manufacturing plants to process recyclable plastics that will be used for resins in making plastic components. Plastics are shredded into shavings or pellets that are easily processed through molding machinery in order to manufacture an array of usable plastics materials such as bottles, packaging and cutlery.

Hot Oil Units

Hot oil units are used to heat the resin as it travels through molding machinery and are created to work at extremely high temperatures.

Hot Oil Units and Low-watt Density Heaters

Low-watt density heaters are maintained in hot oil units to reduce the risk of oil charring. These low-watt density heaters maintain oil used in plastic auxiliary equipment. Charring can Coking negatively affect equipment when oil compounds are broken down making it counterproductive and possibly harmful to molding machinery and related plastic auxiliary equipment.

Hot Runner Controllers

Hot runner controllers are used to maintain the movement and flow of resin through plastics molding machinery by calculating temperatures.

Material Blenders

Compact and motor-powered, industrial material blenders are equipped for use with an array of plastics for high-performance. Easy to operate and clean.

Injection Molding Robots

Robots are used to accomplish tasks that are repetitive or that may be hazardous to an employee.

Vacuum Pumps

Heated resin is moved through the mold by use of a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is provides suitable flow through plastics molding machinery. Found in hot oil units, vacuum pumps use pressure to allow pulling materials rather than pushing materials through he machine.

Water Cooling Towers

Cooling towers lower the temperature of oil and are used to collect reusable water from the chiller.

Water Temperature Controllers

Controls temperature of molds.